Media Buying & Planning:

Buying, Planning, Management & Strategy

Media planning and buying is the process of strategizing, negotiating and acquiring online ad placements or building your online inventory which expands your reach to various customer segments. In order to make a good digital media plan, one needs to have a keen understanding of the product/service being advertised, target audience, competitor activities and your campaign goals. Accordingly, our Media experts devise a foolproof plan with the right data metrics in place and measurable ROI.

What are the various stages of Media Planning & Buying process?

  1. 1) Digital Media Strategy

    The first step is to devise a strategy which justifies the campaign goals.

  2. 2) Negotiating & Buying

    After careful consideration of the product/service being offered, our experts negotiate and purchase the media necessary to take the campaign ahead.

  3. 3) Specific Targeting

    Efficient audience targeting as per specific age, gender, income etc.

  4. 4) Digital Lead Management

    An ongoing process through the campaign lifecycle which helps you draw in buyers by fostering and nurturing them with customized campaigns.

  5. 5) Analysis

    Analysis of the overall traffic and lead generation that happens while the campaign is on.

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