Mobile Marketing Strategy:

Savvy, Modern & Driven

Although Mobile Marketing is in its early stages, it is one of the largest and fastest growing multi-channel online marketing activities focused on reaching the audience on their smartphones or any other handheld devices.

While the traditional forms of mobile marketing involve SMS Marketing, MMS Marketing, Push Notifications & Mobile Application Marketing; the world of mobile marketing has now expanded to Augmented Reality, Location Based Services, 2D Barcodes, GPS Messaging and Custom Mobile Applications.

It is said that most young millennials today spend a third of their waking lives on mobile. We adapt your brand’s messaging on suitable mobile media in order to maximize the reach of your communication and to drive branding and ROI.

How does Mobile Marketing help my brand?

  1. 1) Targeted Communication

    Everyone today owns a smartphone which makes their lives easier. Mobile provides the advantage of high-end targeting capabilities making your brand reach out to the right set of audience. You can now send location specific messages through GPS capabilities of most modern smartphones or even go for demographic targeting through applications, mobile sites, WhatsApp/SMS Marketing etc. Our creative mobile marketing strategies helps maximize the reach of your communication and to drive branding and ROI.

  2. 2) Easier To Track Response

    Since Mobile is a more personal form of marketing where you directly engage with the audience on a one to one basis, it becomes easier for you to track individual response and analyze the data to provide customized solutions to your audience through mobile marketing.

  3. 3) Newer Ways To Connect

    Today, mobile is a world in itself where you can not only engage with your audience through SMS, applications or IVR but even go a step further and venture into Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to create a unique brand experience for your audience.

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