Video Creation Services:

Evergreen, Entertaining & Effective

As compared to text-based content, audience today prefers to consume video content since it is more visual. Also, the more engaging your video is, the more chances of it going viral.

The whole video creation process starts with an idea or a thought which is developed into a concept. Based on the concept, our video content team shape an interesting and entertaining story which seamlessly establishes a connect between the brand and its consumers. The story then translates into a bound script and our skilled production team starts working on creating high quality stunning visual content for your brand which can help your brand grab more and more eyeballs.

Whether it is a brand film or an animated sketch, we not only make it compelling and captivating but also ensure that the treatment remains relevant to your brand personality which allows consumers to connect with the brand thereby making the final video shareable and entertaining.

Why should a brand make videos?

  1. 1) Video Content Is The Most Preferred Way Of Consuming Content

    Over 65% of content consumed in India is video content. Given the engaging nature of videos and the ability to make a virtual conversation with your audience, it provides a plethora of opportunities to convey different brand messages.

  2. 2) Storytelling

    It is often observed that people actually remember your message when it is conveyed in the form of a story rather than pure data and text. Video content creation enables you to tell different and vivid stories related to your brand. Our video content team ensures that your video tells an important story about your brand in a captivating and an entertaining way thereby increasing its overall shareability on social media.

  3. 3) High Retention Rate

    As per recent statistics, over 65% of audience consumes more than 3/4th of any given video content which is much more than any other piece of text or data. The high retention rate of video content enables people to not only know more about your brand but also engage in a conversation with the brand.

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