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Responsive, Innovative & Intuitive

Every business is unique, and we believe that the website and mobile app should be unique too! At Webmaffia our website development team takes it a notch further by incorporating modern trends and sensibilities to elevate the brand experience.

Our approach to making a good website is to first start by understanding the core objective of your website. The purpose can be developing trust among your TG; it can be an e-commerce portal for selling your products and services or it can even be a microsite which helps in lead generation. Once we understand the purpose of your website, we work on developing relevant content and generate a wireframe that dictates a logical flow of content placing different kinds of static and dynamic content at the right places on the website. This not only makes the website informative but also helps in retrieving content as per the user’s needs. We then work on making an instinctive web design which enables the user to navigate through the website smoothly. The design is customized as per your brand identity and is created by keeping your business goals in mind. We back this design with robust technology so that your website is safe, secure and user friendly.

At Webmaffia, we believe that a good website is often a result of intuitive design, killer user interface, reliable CMS, smooth user experience, sharp performance optimization and seamless adaptability across devices.


If you find yourself wondering how our web development services can help your brand, you must first understand how having a website can help your business:

  1. 1) Create A Brand Experience

    Using a good web design, one can create a customized brand experience through which a consumer can get a better idea of what your brand stands for. We at Webmaffia create intuitive websites backed by robust technology which ends up creating a unique experience for the users while they explore your website.

  2. 2) Create A Brand Image

    Your website is an online representation of your brand. It provides you with the opportunity to project the best image of your brand without a very high cost. Our web design team offers the best website treatment in terms of the colors used, the structure, the UI/UX or the overall template of the website to ensure that your brand image is on point.

  3. 3) Optimization For Online Searches

    The content that is put up on your website can be optimized for online searches using specific keywords that are relevant to your brand category and to your audience search patterns. This increases your overall website traffic in a natural manner hence expanding your brand’s reach to newer audiences.


Websites and mobile apps help brands establish their digital presence. Brand can use Websites for different objectives.


Corporate websites can be used to showcase corporate achievements, brand philosophy, services and latest News/Events. These websites can run on small to medium scale servers as they don’t attract huge daily traffic and bandwidth can be increased as and when required based on the ongoing campaigns. These websites require lightweight content management systems like WordPress.


Businesses can sale their products and services through E-commerce websites. Website is one important aspect of the E-commerce but what make E-commerce work is the ease of payment by providing multiple payment options, real time stock management and delivery management. Businesses also need to take into consideration local and International tax laws and should have easy access to the dashboard through which they can manage monthly order reporting. This type of websites can be developed using out of the box e-commerce management systems like Magento. Most popular CMSs like WordPress and Drupal has their own plugin/module extension that make E-commerce website development easier and faster.


Brands can promote specific products, services or events through campaigns. These campaigns can be promoted on digital mediums and users can be directed to microsites or creative websites. Creative websites give break-through experience to website visitors using various animations, interactive elements and device specific UI. We utilize modern web design technologies like Canvas, SVG, ThreeJS, PreloadJS, NodeJS, ThreeJS and other CSS3 based animations. This helps in reducing total website size and website loads faster. These websites are not just mobile friendly but are well optimised for Google search engine.


Nowadays, Brands are creating their own digital assets using content like videos, recipes, original blog posts. Brand owned content portals like fitfoodie.in, hairsutras.com provide a way to reach out to people looking for specific content. This content/community portals can increase brand outreach organically as they are built after studying consumer needs. Content and community portals are developed using content management systems like Drupal 8 which can handle complex content structure and are scalable.


Websites and apps are the one-way businesses are reaching out to their audience. Both websites and apps have their advantages and disadvantages. High traffic on websites can slow them down. People nowadays are choosy about installing apps. Media giants like Google and Facebook are constantly trying to make it easier for their users to load content faster. Google has come up with AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) and Facebook with Instant Articles with the aim to load the pages faster. Google is giving a better app alternative called PWA (Progressive Web App). PWAs are accessed through browser just like normal websites. User can add them to their home screen just like any other mobile app, but users don’t need to install them using Play store or the app store. PWAs are also search engine friendly. Our website development and web design services help brands to implement these technologies on their websites and provide faster and better brand experience to their audience.


Testing is very important and integral part of website development. Deployment of the buggy websites can result in a bad user experience. It gets translated into reduced footfalls, customers opting for other brands and reduced brand value.

As a web design agency, we make sure that our work is bug free and works flawlessly across the platforms. Quality is the only reason why clients refer us and also come back with more requirements. To ensure the quality of the digital assets our dedicated testing team performs various tests on various levels of website development life cycle.

We optimize the website/apps for faster load and better user experience. Websites are tested against various security breaches and attacks which end up making a website/app unavailable or affect brand image in a negative way.

As a web design agency, we don’t just assist the brand in making the website/app but also maintain them after the deployment. Website maintenance includes keeping constant check on website availability, keeping various security checks, updating the website/app content, order tracking and reporting for ecommerce portal etc.

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